Psychic Surgery in the Philippines – Tour January 2008

Psychic Surgery in the Philippines - Tour January 2008January 19th – February 2nd incl. 2008

The ‘bare hand’ or ‘psychic’ surgeons of the Philippines have been one of the most enduring enigmas of modern times. There has been much controversy about the so-called miracle healers of the Philippines. Their ability to open peoples bodies and perform operations without the use of any surgical equipment i.e. their bare hands and subsequently the skin of their patient re-seals without any noticeable marking or scars defies not only conventional medical and scientific knowledge but also flies in the face of what we consensually call reality. How can a human body open and close by touch? How can solid objects become permeable to allow a hand to move through it?

Placido Palitayan

Placido is a healer and psychic surgeon working in Baguio. He is an extremely confident and skilled psychic surgeon. It was again a privilege to meet, interview, make videos, and work with him. I have a full interview on video with Placido, with videos of his healing which I recorded on my trip this July / August.

For those who are interested in experiencing this unique form of healing, please contact Howard to receive an information pack (incl. video clips).

Journey to meet the Healers

2008 Dates are, January 19th – February 2nd incl.
Itinerary and costs included in the pack.
Maximum 10 participants.
Contact Howard:

Tel : 01273 882027

click for info about the journeys to the Philippines Healers

One thought on “Psychic Surgery in the Philippines – Tour January 2008

  1. Eeswari Reddy says:

    Hi there,

    I’d like to know if there is a course in psychic surgery in the phillipines. If so, I would require information on the duration of such a course and the course fees.

    Thanking you in antecipation.

    Yours faithfully,
    E.Reddy (Dr)

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