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Alex and Allyson Grey Interviewed on

Interviewed by Jeffery Pritchett on

I have to admit it is an exciting pleasure to get to interview artists Alex and Allyson Grey. Delving into their new book Net of Being. Which is a wonderful book showcasing the legacy of wonderous art from Alex. From his work with one of my favorite bands Tool and Nirvana and so many other topics. We get into in this extraordinary interview and speak about consciousness and the universe. Many topics I discuss on my radio show The Church of Mabus in the past but never quite like this before. I would have to say this is definitely one of my most exhilerating interviews I have ever partaken in before. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Presenting.

View slideshow: Artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey on the new visionary art book ‘Net of Being’

1. I first came across your art from the TOOL album you did and then later Nirvana’s album and the Beastie Boys, at once becoming an admirer of your art forever. Could you tell us a bit about that experience and explain what transpired creatively between you and the bands?

Nirvana’s manager requested the use of one of my paintings entitled “Pregnant Femaie” for the “In Utero” album. I never met Kurt Cobain but heard that he admired my art and promised to come to the studio the next time he was in New York. Then he died.

Adam Yauch called asking to use the “Gaia” painting on the “Ill Communications” album. We spoke a few times on the phone and had lovely conversations when we ran into each other at Buddhist ceremonies and speaking engagements of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I had a solo exhibition in Santa Monica and Adam Jones, lead guitar and founder of Tool, inquired with the gallery about my artwork and started talking immediately about album art. He described his concept of the dissectional art for the Lateralus album. He asked me to conceptualize a stage setting using my work to travel with the band on 90 city tours of stadiums throughout the world. It was astonishing the exposure that my work received through our interaction for the past two albums. I also had the opportunity to create and co-create my first two animation projects. , continue reading!

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Alex Grey: The Net of Being. Forthcoming Nov 2012

Alex Grey - Net of BeingExciting news – a new book from Alex Grey is being published this year (November). I’m really looking forward to this.

How Alex Grey’s visionary art is evolving the cultural body through icons of interconnectedness

• Includes over 200 reproductions of Grey’s artwork
• Contains spectacular photos of Grey’s collaboration with the cult band TOOL plus his worldwide live-painting performances
• Offers Grey’s reflections on how art evolves consciousness with a new symbology of the Networked Self

Revealing the interwoven energies of body and soul, love and spirit that illuminate the core of each being, Alex Grey’s mystic paintings articulate the realms of consciousness encountered during visits to entheogenic heaven worlds. His painting Net of Being—inspired by a blazing vision of an infinite grid of Godheads during an ayahuasca journey—has reached millions as the cover and interior of the band TOOL’s Grammy award–winning triple-platinum album, 10,000 Days. Net of Being is one of many images Grey has created that have resulted in a chain reaction of uses— from apparel and jewelry to tattoos and music videos—embedding these iconic works into our culture’s living Net of Being.

Continue Reading ‘The Net of Being’

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Shamanic Illuminations | work by Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey, and Mieshiel at the ACA Galleries NYC

Invitation to the Shamanic Illuminations Exhibition at the ACA Galleries New York.
Shamanic Illuminations – The Art of Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey and Mieshiel


Jehua Supai by Pablo AmaringoSeptember 15 through October 22 2011
Opening Reception and Book Signing
Thursday, September 15 – 5-8 pm



ArtNews review of the ‘Shamanic Illuminations’ exhibition at the ACA Galleries NYC.

Featuring the works of Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey, and Mieshiel

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