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Beyond Red Alert: Super Floods in the Amazon – Help Needed!

Floods in Iquitos

Unremitting torrential rainstorms in combination with a greater than normal glacial melt in the Andes has over the past few months created widespread flooding in the city of Iquitos and the neighbouring areas located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. The water levels in Amazon River and its tributaries such as the Nanay and the Itaya rivers have overflowed and a huge part of the city has become inundated. Many villages and communities have been washed away or are submerged. Over 100,000 people have been displaced by the floods. A State of Emergency was belatedly declared by the Peruvian Government on March 30th.  Marco Paredes, regional head of Senamhi (National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology) expects that the water levels of the rivers will continue to grow. There are also grave concerns about sanitation, and the subsequent spread of diseases such as dengue and malaria.

Bill Grimes the proprietor of the Dawn on the Amazon River Cruises and the fabulous like named cafe (delicious food btw) located on the Malecon has been keeping people posted on the situation with narratives and photos (some of these photos are on ths post), but more than that Bill and his friends have been purchasing drinking water, food, and other emergency supplies and distributing these to isolated villages and communities in the outlying areas.

Iquitos Flood

Bill needs assistance to continue this vital work. Donations will be most welcome to continue and expand the rescue work to allow him to purchase and distribute more emergency supplies. I’ve known Bill for a few years and frequent his cafe whenever I’m in Iquitos, all I can say is that he is one of the genuine ‘good guys’.

You can help in two ways:

  •  Donate money or / and
  • Raise awareness of this appalling situation by posting this on Face book, Blogs, and other social media.

If you would like to send a donation to Bill and his friends; you can do this via Western Union , MoneyGram, or, The details are as follows;

Destination Iquitos Peru, South America.

Recipient; Marmelita Flores Pua De Grimes

Make sure to spell Marmelita’s (Bill’s wife) full name correctly. It must match her National ID card (DNI). The clerk will give you a multi-digit number to identify your transaction. Email the number to Bill and Bill and Marmelita can collect from the Interbank office in town.

Thanks for making a difference.

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PlantTeachers – Retreat to the Amazon – November 21st – 30th


Come to Peru!


~In the Spirit & Practice of Amazonian Shamanism~   November 21 – 30, 2011

Nine Nights of Healing ~ Ten Days of Transformation


Opportunity for Five Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Customized Plant Diet, Work with Shipibo Shaman Ricardo Amaringo, Conscious Path Creation with Sita



I am pleased and honored to invite you to join me as I guide a small group of seekers in the Peruvian Amazon for retreat and dieta.

We will work in the traditional ways of the Shipibo, dieting and participating in ritual ceremonies in the beautiful jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru.

You will be able to participate in up to five ceremonies and to travel with us on an optional extension trip to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, in the deep primary forest for an additional ceremony. Together we will explore our outer and inner worlds, challenge our consciousness, share our individual and collective experience, engage in spirited dialogues, listen to lectures, traditional indigenous chants “icaros,” experience transformational process with the Conscious Path and ayahuasca ceremonies in the sensuous, vibrating rainforest of Amazonian Peru.

We will be working with Master Curandero Ricardo Amaringo, Maestra Curandera Olivia Arevalo, Dr. Joe Tafur and Sitaramaya.  Activities include, Ayahuasca experiences, mind, body, heart and soul healing, dieta, art, relaxation, use and sharing of knowledge in medical plants, private Conscious Path consultations, private consultations with the Shamans and a local excursions.

Retreat to the Amazon will be an experience where we will create a community for ten days. Not only will we practice the dieta and explore the teachings, use and practices of Ayahuasca and Master Teacher Plants, but we will learn more about non-ordinary states, shamanic practices from around the world and deep ecology. During our time together, we will live together at the retreat center.

Retreat to the Amazon is designed for healing, repose, diet, reflection and inspiration. We seek to teach, inspire, facilitate healing, foster awareness of expanded consciousness and deep ecology, develop new friendships and connect with old friends. For those interested, we will continue on to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve for three more days where we will participate in one more Ayahuasca Ceremony, deep in the primary forest.

I hope to see you there.

– Sita

In gratitude for the opportunity to steward the sharing of this sacred plant medicine,

~more peace, more joy, more love~








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NEW BOOK – The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo – FORTHCOMING April 2011

The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo

Cover of forthcoming book - April 2011

About The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo

A new collection of never-before-published paintings by renowned artist Pablo Amaringo

• With written contributions by Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Robert Venosa, Dennis McKenna, Stephan Beyer, and Jan Kounen

• Contains 47 color plates of Amaringo’s latest works, with detailed narratives of the rich Amazonian mythology underlying each painting

• Shares Amaringo’s personal stories behind the artistic visions

Recognized as one of the world’s great visionary artists, Pablo Amaringo was renowned for his intricate, colorful paintings inspired by his shamanic visions. A master communicator of the ayahuasca experience–where snakes, jaguars, subterranean beings, celestial palaces, aliens, and spacecraft all converge–Amaringo’s art presents a doorway to the transcendent worlds of ayahuasca intended for contemplation, meditation, and inspiration.

Illustrating the evolution of his intricate and colorful art, this book contains 47 full-color reproductions of Amaringo’s latest works with detailed explorations of the rich Amazonian mythology underlying each painting. Through their longstanding relationship with Amaringo, coauthors Charing and Cloudsley are able to share the personal stories behind his visions and experiences with Amazonian people and folklore, capturing Amaringo’s powerful ecological and spiritual message through his art and words. With contributions by Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Robert Venosa, Dennis McKenna, Stephan Beyer, and Jan Kounen, this book brings the ayahuasca experience to life as we travel on Amaringo’s visionary brush and palette.

About the Author(s) of The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo (1938-2009) trained as a curandero in the Amazon, healing himself and others from the age of ten, but retired in 1977 to become a full-time painter and art teacher at his Usko-Ayar school in Pucullpa, Peru. The author ofAyahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman, his art has been displayed throughout the world.
Howard G. Charing is a director of the Eagle Wing’s Centre for Contemporary Shamanism and the coauthor of Plant Spirit Shamanism. Peter Cloudsley is a musicologist, writer, and the founder of the Amazon Retreat Centre in Peru.
Howard G. Charing
Peter Cloudsley
and Pablo Amaringo

ISBN-13: 978-1-59477-345-7
ISBN: 1-59477-345-9

Hardcover Book — 01/04/11

Page Count: 192; 10.50 (width) x 13.50 (height)

Includes 48 color plates and 12 color photographs

Imprint: Inner Traditions

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Amazonía: siete visiones contemporáneas – Art Exhibition , Lima Peru

Amazonía: siete visiones contemporáneas - Exhibition, Lima Peru

Amazonía: siete visiones contemporáneas - Exhibition, Lima Peru

Seven Amazonian Artists present their visions of the Amazon Rainforest. It is an irony that this exhibition sponsored and hosted by Petroperu (the state owned oil corporation) , is to put it mildly not a friend to the Amazon rainforest, with a history of oil pollution, and state sanctioned land-grabbing that culminated in major protests by indigenous people with a significant loss of life (May 2009). For further reading on that;

Photo Gallery on Flickr of the Exhibition;

To Read Exhibition Booklet

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Shipibo Ayahuasca Shamans – Interviews


The Shipibo are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon. These ethnic groups each have their own languages, traditions and culture. The Shipibo which currently number about 20,000 are spread out in communities through the Pucallpa / Ucayali river region. They are highly regarded in the Amazon as being masters of Ayahuasca .

This booklet contains original source interviews with three Shipibo ayahuasca shamans. By Howard G Charing and Peter Cloudsley.

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Pablo Amaringo – Interview and Foreword

Foreword by Pablo Amaringo, to the book ‘Plant Spirit Shamanism’.

Pablo Amaringo - collage of Ayahuasca Visionary Paintings

Pablo Amaringo - collage of Ayahuasca Visionary Paintings

Pablo Amaringo is one of the world’s great visionary artists. He is renowned for his highly complex, colourful and intricate paintings inspired by his visions from when he was an Ayahuasca shaman. He trained as a curandero or healer in the Amazon, healing himself and others from the age of ten, but gave this up in 1977 to become a full-time painter and art teacher at the Usko-Ayar school of Amazonian art which he founded. His book, Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman, co-authored with Luis Eduardo Luna, brought his work and the rich mythology of the Amazon to a wide public in the West.

Also included; an interview with Pablo Amaringo with Howard G Charing & Peter Cloudsley (Pucallpa, Peru). This interview first published in Sacred Hoop Issue 53, 2006.


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Shamans of Peru – CD

Shamans of Peru CD, Ceremonial Chants, Icaros, and Music

Shamans of Peru CD, Ceremonial Chants, Icaros, and Music


Ceremonial Chants, Icaros, and Music

Shamans of Peru – Recorded on Eagle’s Wing Journeys to Peru

Contains chants and dramatic effects of six different ceremonies with shamans who have worked with Eagle’s Wing Groups. Two ceremonies with San Pedro maestros working in the atmospheric ruins of Puruchucu; two ayahuasca shamans, a man and a woman, in separate sessions working in a jungle temple on the River Momon, outside Iquitos; a Shipibo shaman working in Yarinacocha, outside Pucullpa; and lastly, a despacho in the ruins of Pisaq, Cusco. In addition there are three tracks of atmospheric music played on pre-Colombian instruments.

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Ayahuasca Shaman Interview

Interview with an Amazonian Shaman

By Howard G. Charing & Peter Cloudsley

Originally published in Sacred Hoop Magazine Issue 36, 2002, (Titled, Love Magic and the Vine of the Soul)

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ebook – Birds and Animals in Mishana Nature Reserve, Amazon Rainforest – Peru

Ebook – Based on a field expedition by Zoologist Frank Lambert in January 2006

Mishana Retreat Centre – Amazon Rainforest, Peru
We have 57 Hectares (140 acres) of land with a lodge in the Allpahuayo Mishana Nature reserve. Our lodge is located directly on the river which is part of a 58,070 hectare nature reserve.

Due to a combination of geological factors and diverse soil types, the reserve supports a unique community of plant and animal species. It is the ‘jewel’ in the crown for bird-watchers and contains dozens of species which are unique to this area. The Reserve contains one of the highest biodiversities known in the Amazon basin. The Lodge is located directly on the Rio Nanay which is a tributary of the Amazon River.

Our lodge is situated in-between two bends of the river giving an amazing panoramic view. We have our own boat so trips can be made to some interesting, and extraordinarily beautiful places along the river. The lodge is a 2 hour river journey from Iquitos by power boat.

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