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Cântece de tobă pentru călătoria şamanică: Cu Leo Rutherford & Howard G. Charing. Este un CD realizat special pentru călătoria şamanică. CD-ul conţine: două solo-uri a câte 20 de minute şi un cântec de 40 de minute cu două tobe simultane. Prin utilizarea ritmurilor principale şi a pattern-urilor armonice bogate, cântecele de tobă de pe acest CD induc o stare de transă perfectă pentru călătoriile şamanice sau meditaţie. Acum  disponibil pentru download în format MP3 de înaltă calitate (320 kbps).

Călătoria şamanică este o tehnică ce facilitează experienţa vizionară într-o stare de conştienţă extinsă. Aceasta ne activează imaginaţia şi creativitatea şi ne permite să mergem dincolo de gândirea liniară, familiară şi raţională. În această stare de conştienţă extinsă putem descoperi noi insight-uri, perspective şi modalităţi de soluţionare a problemelor.

Acesta este un CD realizat special pentru călătoria şamanică şi, în acest scop, tobele menţin un ritm uniform între 205 şi 210 bătăi pe minut. Acest ritm specific stimulează creierul să sintetizeze beta-endorfine naturale, care facilitează intrarea persoanei într-o conştienţă extinsă. Această stare de conştienţă facilitează călătoria şamanică sau meditaţia profundă.

Cântecele de tobă au fost înregistrate live direct pe casetă digitală la studioul de înregistrare Sync City din Londra. Am cântat la tobe în studioul cu „sunet live” şi nu s-a folosit niciun procedeu de modificare a sunetului. Ambele tobe sunt tobe cu o singură membrană şi cu ramă simplă. Pentru ritmul cu două tobe simultane, tobele au fost ţinute faţă în faţă într-o poziţie care optimizează reverberaţiile naturale. Inginerul de înregistrare a fost Wan Hewitt, el însuşi un baterist profesionist. Datorită sunetelor live extraordinare pe care le obţine, el a fost supranumit „bateristul preferat”.

„Prima bătaie de tobă reprezintă primul sunet care declanşează existenţa tuturor fiinţelor. Este Big Bang-ul care declanşează manifestarea universului. Este conştiinţa umană care îşi începe manifestarea fizică. Sunetul tobei cu ramă, cu armonicele lui bogate, reprezintă primul sunet pe care l-am auzit vreodată, sunetul pe care-l face sângele mamei noastre când îi pulsează prin artere. Acesta este motivul pentru care toba este atât de fascinantă şi inducătoare de transă –  ea ne antrenează conştienţa la cel mai primordial nivel al memoriei.”

Layne Redmond: When the Drummers were Women (Când femeile erau cele care cântau la tobă)

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Drumming for the Shamanic Journey CD: Downloadable MP3

Drumming for the Shamanic Journey: With Leo Rutherford & Howard G. Charing. It is a CD specifically made for shamanic journeying. It comprises; two 20 minutes solo and 40 minutes double drumming on CD. The drumming on this CD by the use of primary rhythms with rich overtone patterns induces a trance state perfect for shamanic journeys or meditation.  Now available in high quality MP3 (320 kbs) for download.

The Shamanic Journey is a technique which facilitates a visionary experience into expanded awareness. This activates our imagination and creativity, and allows us to bypass linear, familiar and rational thinking. In this state of expanded awareness we can find new insights, perspectives, and ways to resolve problems.

It is a CD specifically made for shamanic journeying, and to do this, the drums maintain a consistent beat between 205 to 210 beats per minute. At this specific rhythm, the brain is stimulated to synthesise natural beta-endorphins which facilitate a person to move into an expanded awareness. This state of consciousness facilitates the shamanic journey or deep meditation.

The drumming was recorded live directly onto digital tape at Sync City recording studio in London. The drumming was played in the ‘live-sound’ studio and no sound modification process was used. Both drums were single headed frame drums. For the double drumming track, both drums were held facing each other in a position to optimise the natural reverberation. The recording engineer was Wan Hewitt, himself a professional drummer. He has been dubbed the ‘drummers darling’ due to the great live sound he gets.

“The First stroke on the drum is the first sound that brings all beings into existence. It is the Big Bang that brings the universe into manifestation. It is human consciousness coming into physical manifestation. The sound of the frame drum with its rich overtones represents the first sound we ever heard, the sound of our mother’s blood pulsing through her arteries. This is why the drum is so magnetising and trance inducing – it actually entrains our consciousness on the most primordial level of memory.”

Layne Redmond: When the Drummers were Women.

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Ayahuasca Retreat – Shipibo Shaman Video

Shipibo Shaman Enrique Lopez blesses and invokes Ayahuasca after brewing. Video taken at Eagle’s Wing Ayahuasca Retreat March 2008.

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Ayahuasca Brewing with Huitoto Shaman – Video

Ayahuasca Brewing with Huitoto ShamanBrewing Ayhuasca – November 2007, with Huitoto Shaman Lucho. Recorded at Mishana Ayahuasca & Plant Spirit Shamanism Retreat Centre, Amazon Rainforest, Peru.


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Ayahuasca – Medicine for the Soul Part 4

Ayahuasca - Medicine for the Soul Part 4Ayahuasca, is regarded as the ‘gateway’ to the Soul. The fourth part of this article continues to explore this fascinating plant brew from the Amazon Rainforest. Ayahuasca is the jungle medicine of the upper Amazon. It is made from the ayahuasca vine ( Banisteriopsis Caapi) and the leaf of the Chacruna plant (Psychotria Viridis). The two make a potent medicine, which takes one into the visionary world. The vine is an inhibitor, which contains harmala and harmaline among other alkaloids, and the leaf contains vision-inducing alkaloids. As with all natural medicines, it is a mixture of many alkaloids that makes their unique properties.

I discovered that Ayahuasca is a medicine, so unlike the Western understanding, a medicine which works on every level, on the physical and non-physical beings, our consciousness, our emotions, and our spirit. It is as if you are drinking not just a liquid brew but imbibing an ‘other’ intelligence which knows exactly what is needed to help you. This is a communion in the true sense of the word, an intense experience of euphoria and ecstasy. A journey of deep and profoundly meaningful personal and trans-personal insights , a searchlight on the hidden thoughts and feelings in the sub-conscious mind, an erasing of the ego boundaries and a merging with the greater field of consciousness of creation.

The was more and more to experience, dieting some of the teacher plants such as Ajo Sacha and Guyasa, I felt my senses being altered , expanded in some ineffable way, and becoming aware of the song, the very rhythm of the rainforest. There was sound, smells, and sights around me, which I had not been aware of in my normal everyday waking state. I could zoom in on smells, and sound, I realised that the rainforest was one entity with the insects, birds, and animals being a part of the totality of the rainforest. I am in paradise when lying in my hammock; it is like floating within a living three-dimensional sensorial experience of sound, colour, smell, movement, and vibration all in harmony and great beauty.

The work with the visionary plants not only provides a philosophical frame of reference for my life so to speak, but is also a path for deep soul healing, and generates a desire to engage fully and with enthusiasm the world around me. Celestial visions are always very nice and pleasing but they must never cloud, disguise, or distract our real purpose to live in the full embodiment of being a human on this beautiful planet and striving to enrich that special and unique experience, our ‘earth walk’. I recall some years ago when I led a group to the Amazon Rainforest, our initial gathering with our shaman Javier Arevalo so we could all introduce ourselves. Javier was very curious about Westerners, and was interested in knowing what we were searching for with the visionary plants. One participant stood up and said she wanted a clear and definitive understanding of the male and female principles of the universe, the cosmic “ying and yang” as she put it. Well Javier was totally mystified by this question, as when I have attended his sessions with local people who visit him for a consultation or session they ask about everyday problems and concerns such as “is my boyfriend / husband / girlfriend cheating on me?”, or “why am I unlucky in finding a job?”, “I need help to overcome this disease”. Well we worked with our participant to explore what the real question was behind her initial enquiry, finally she said that she was really looking for love in her life, and of course, Javier could understand this deep desire completely, and was subsequently able to help her discover and reconcile the inner obstacles, which had been preventing this.

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Ayahuasca Brewing – Video Clip taken on Eagle’s Wing Ayahuasca Retreat Nov 2007

Ayahuasca Brewing – Video Clip taken on Eagle’s Wing Ayahuasca Retreat Nov 2007

Our group participating in the brewing of Ayahuasca, with Huitoto shaman Lucho. The background voice is Eugene Bersuker who has joined our team facilitating our Retreat Programme.

Ayahuasca Brewing - Video Clip taken on Eagle’s Wing Ayahuasca Retreat Nov 2007 - Eugene BersukerEugene is a Russian-American Yoga teacher, trained in India, Shivananda Saraswati School of Yoga. Traditional Hatha and Yoga for Healing. Yoga postures and meditations used to relieve tensions, purify mind/body, and raise vibrations. An instructor in Chi Gong, and Eugene is also a Licensed Massage Therapist – Swedish and Shiatsu.

Eugene will be offering Yoga and meditation classes, with individual massages available (fee payable) during our Retreats at Mishana.

Visit our website for details on our Amazon Ayahuasca and yoga Retreats

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The Shamanic Path Workbook by Leo Rutherford

The Shamanic Path Workbook by Leo Rutherford Shamanic Path Workbook by Leo Rutherford – Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World

A reader review posted on Amazon re Leo’s Book;

By Karen S. Blair-imrie (Scotland) – See all my reviews
Shamanic Path Workbook by Leo Rutherford.
Publishers: Arima Books.
Pages: 249.

I’ve looked forward to this book ever since reading Principles of Shamanism by the same author (now renamed The Way of Shamanism). Leo Rutherford founded Eagle’s Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism in 1987 after training with such respected teachers as Hyemeyohsts Storm, Harley Swiftdeer, Prem Das, Gabrielle Roth, and Joan Halifax. More recently he has trained with Don Eduardo Calderon, an Inca shaman in Peru. His teachings are rooted in Native American (North, Central, and South) traditions, with particular emphasis on the medicine wheel of the ancient Mayans.

Although there is much ancient wisdom here, Leo believes that, to act effectively and with integrity (as a shaman must), a person must first heal the wounds suffered in the past “so the present and future can be free of ancestral burdens, shame, guilt,” etc.. To this end, his teaching begins with the self. “How we see ourselves is the root of how we experience our world.” Much of this book is about uncovering and putting into perspective key events in life’s great journey – “chaos, catastrophe, magic moments, love and loss, successes and surprises”. Traditional methods such as the vision quest, sweat lodge, trance dance, and of course the shamanic journey are employed to help the student reach inner truth and harmony, and, by so doing, “contact the timeless reality that exists parallel to and just out of sight of the world we so mistakenly call the `real world’. It is here in the everyday that we experience the reflections of who we are, of our actions, our deepest beliefs, our `dreams’, but it is in the non-manifest world of the spirit that the hidden causal interactions take place. Hidden, that is, until we begin to open the doors and `see’. That is the ultimate purpose of the path of shamanism.”

Leo describes the non-ordinary realities of the shaman, the upper, lower (or under) and middle worlds to which he/she journeys. He gives examples of how shamans heal. The use of illusion, ceremony and ritual, how to journey, the similarity of the medicine wheel to stone circles and how to work with one are also covered. Each chapter has exercises that anyone can do, although I can tell you from my own experience with these exercises that you get out of them what you put in! In fact, that is one of the most important messages in the book. To grow and change, to understand and face the truths about ourselves, takes tremendous courage. We have to want it, for otherwise nothing happens.

But this isn’t a dry DIY manual for trainee shamans, although it holds a wealth of information. Leo Rutherford writes from the heart. His own personal struggle to reach these truths has given him the knowledge to guide others. This is not just a book about what shamans do, or how they do it. It is a book about how to open ourselves, and, by so doing, to open to the universe – to other people and other realities -, to the magical child within us all. And, as Leo says, “The magical child can only use power for the good of all, and would not know a manipulation if it fell over one.” What a recipe for life.

COVER PAINTING: Howard G. Charing

Visit Eagle’s Wing Website

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Shamans of Peru – video clip

Shamans of Peru - Andean San Pedro & Amazon AyahuascaA video clip gallery of shamans from Peru , who have worked with us on the Eagle’s Wing Retreats since the late 90’s. Soundtrack of Shipibo Shaman (Enrique Lopez) chanting an Icaro.

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Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo – Part 1

Interview with Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo – Part 1Javier was interviewed by Howard G Charing and Peter Cloudsley in the Peru, Amazon Rainforest 2000. In this interview Javier discusses his involvement with the shamanic Plant medicines of the Amazon, and Ayahuasca in particular.


Healing is at the centre of the Ayahuasca experience. Ayahuasca not only has a powerful and profound effect on the mind and spirit, but also on the physical body. This kind of purification of the body, mind, and spirit in a Ayahuasca ceremony can be the beginning of a process of profound personal and spiritual discovery. This process can continue indefinitely even if one never drinks Ayahuasca again.

Ayahuasca is the jungle medicine of the upper Amazon. It is made from the ayahuasca vine ( Banisteriopsis Caapi) and the leaf of the Chacruna plant (Psychotria Viridis). The two make a potent medicine which opens the doors to experiencing the energetic world which underlies the world of everyday. The vine is an inhibitor which contains harmala and harmaline among other alkaloids, and the leaf contains vision inducing alkaloids. As with all natural medicines, it is a mixture of many alkaloids that makes their unique properties

Since the late 1990’s we have worked extensively with Javier Arevalo and we had many discussions on the role of the Amazonian shaman and the use of ayahuasca. Javier comes from Nuevo Progreso, a community of 50 families on the Rio Napo, Department of Loreto, Peru. Several generations of his family before him have been shamans and already at the age of 17, he knew this would be his future. However it was not until he was 20 when his father died from a ‘virote’ (a poisoned dart in the spiritual world) sent by a jealous brujo, (sorcerer) that he felt compelled to follow the arduous five-year apprenticeship to be a shaman.

Javier, what is the role of a shaman?

He learns everything about the rain forest and uses that knowledge to heal his people since they do not have money for Western style doctors. He uses Ayahuasca to discover in his visions, which plants will be effective for which illnesses.

How do you perceive this?

The sprits or plant doctors tell us. As they are pure, they are made happy when we are too, so we must diet in order to attract them. That means we should not eat salt, sugar or alcohol, and abstain from sex. The spirits come and say, for example they will cure in two months if the patient takes a particular plant. Then the shaman goes out to look for the plant.

It is said that every environments has the necessary plants to heal the people?

Yes, every plant has a spirit, the shaman goes into the forest as part of his apprenticeship and spends two years taking plants and roots. He takes Ayahuasca too and the spirit tells him what it cures. Then the shaman tries another plant, each time remembering which ailment is cured by what.

<a href=””&gt;Link to the full article ‘Love Magic and the Vine of the Soul and interview with shaman Javier Arevalo</a>

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