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Shipibo Seed bag

Shipibo Seed bag by Howard G Charing
Shipibo Seed bag, a photo by Howard G Charing on Flickr.

A beautiful bag made from the small round seeds of Achira (Canna) seeds with the ‘clasp’ the red and black Huayruro (Ormosia) seed. The twine is made from Tamshi (Heteropsis jenmanii).

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Tamshi: Heteropsis jenmanii. The long aerial roots are split into fibers and used to make baskets, woven belts, necklaces, and bags. Children are encouraged to chew tamshi fibers to keep their teeth healthy and prevent decay.

Huayruro: Ormosia amazónica. These brightly colored seeds are widely used in Amazonian crafts and jewelry; they protect travelers and attract good fortune. The huayruro macho (male) seeds are black and red, and the huayruro hembra (female) seeds are all red. Wearing them gives protection against the mal de ojo (evil eye).

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The Shipibo and their beautiful Art and Crafts

Shipibo Craftswoman - TeresaThe Shipibo people of the Upper Amazon in Peru, have a unique and complex form of visionary art. Underlying the intricate geometric patterns of great complexity displayed in the art of the Shipibo people is a concept of an all pervading magical reality which can challenge the Western linguistic heritage and rational mind.

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