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Amazonía: siete visiones contemporáneas – Art Exhibition , Lima Peru

Seven Amazonian Artists present their visions of the Amazon Rainforest. It is an irony that this exhibition is sponsored and hosted by Petroperu (the state owned oil corporation). September 2009.

Photo Gallery on Flickr of the Exhibition;


From the Catalogue description;

In tribute to the 27 years of Iquitos Refinery and 40 of the institutional life of Petroperu Amazon presents sample: seven contemporary views. This exhibition brings together the pictorial expression of seven artists based in the Loreto region.

Mounted in the art gallery Petroperu, the exhibit presents 30 paintings worked in watercolor and oil paintings, whose subjects reflect on Amazonian beauty, its traditions and mysteries, and reflect the deep unrest that is happening in some areas.

This is how it will exhibit works of Francisco Grippa Jochamovich, who, formed in California in the seventies, returned to the country and into the jungle with the Shipibo and the Boras, is also one of the initiators of the art boom Amazonian Cliver Flores Lanza, renowned painter iquiteño graduate of the College of Fine Arts; Sixto Saurin Pick, an artist of national and international prestige, owner of a stunning pictorial.

They are also present in the sample other four renowned artists: Emilio Lopez Rengifo, Razzeto Yolanda Ruiz and Pablo Amaringo.

The art of the jungle roar is heard louder in the national and international galleries. His originality and strength of their colors have created an artistic line, which currently is in full swing.

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