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Is the Titanoboa the legendary Sachamama of Amazonian Mythology?

Titanoboa - Monster Snake

Titanoboa - Monster Snake swallowing a crocodile

Is the Titanoboa the legendary Sachamama of Amazonian Mythology?

Although this doesn’t have much to do with the theme of this blog, but when I saw the pictures of the snake – it was so gob-smacking that I wanted to post about it. Meanwhile I’m doing some painting and whilst waiting for the paint to dry on my latest masterpiece, it’s time to write about the Titanoboa. Then I started to ponder on a possible (albeit tenuous) link as it reminded me of the legends of the Sachamama (Mother of the Rainforest), an important motif in Amazonian mythology and featured prominently in many of the paintings of Pablo Amaringo.

Sachamama: Known as ‘The Mother of the Rainforest’. In the complex mythological world of the Amazon, the sachamama is a giant supernatural anaconda that, due to its immense size, can no longer move through the rainforest. When this happens it merges with the earth and becomes a part of the terrain. Trees, plants, and flowers grow around and on it so it becomes invisible and indistinguishable from the forest. It can leave its mouth wide open and unsuspecting hunters will walk straight in, never to be seen again.

Maybe just maybe that in the hidden depths of the Amazon Rainforest a Titanoboa lived during a time of human habitation – and thereby passed into the rich mythology of the Mundo Amazonica – just speculating.

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