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The View Through the Medicine Wheel – by Leo Rutherford

The View Through the Medicine Wheel - by Leo RutherfordThe View Through the Medicine Wheel – by Leo Rutherford Publication Date: July 2008

CONTENT: The View Through the Medicine Wheel is a magnificent reflection how to live creatively with health and happiness. We are all on a great journey – how different would your life be if you had a good map? Native American wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel explain how the Cosmos works and our place in it. Our ancestors saw the world in terms of circles and life cycles. The Star Maiden’s Circle reflects life through the eight directions. This book of life maps shows you how to avoid pitfalls and master your own self. It presents the circle of the Egoic self – how we create a life of problems and dramas – and the circle of the Authentic self which teaches how to develop away from old habits and addictions. The Medicine Wheel culminates in the Twenty Count which is the Cosmos revealed in all its beauty and complexity. Shamanism is spiritual, ecological and psychological. No other book does full justice to the fabulous medicine wheel teachings.

AUTHOR: Leo Rutherford took an MA in Holistic Psychology in California, and has been a Shamanic practitioner and workshop leader for 25 years. He now lives in Sussex, England.

COVER PAINTING: Howard G. Charing

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